It’s a Brave New World

Last weekend dearest husband and I went to the ‘Brave New World’ exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. It is a wonderful mix of commercial graphic art, fashion, furniture and industrial design from the turbulent 1930s. The in-between war years were characterised by a clash of controlled conservatism rubbing up against an expressive hope […]

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Anthropomorphic ceramics feature image

Anthropomorphic Ceramics

Anthropomorphic adjective The attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to a god, animal, or object. Vintage kitsch and anthropomorphism go together like peas in a pod. Ceramic figurines of both animals and objects, typically fruit and vegetables, with expressive cute human-like faces are highly sought after. A quick Google search for ‘anthropomorphic vintage’ brings an […]

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Camberwell Market feature image

Trash and Treasure at Camberwell Sunday Market

Sunday is my favourite thrifting day. Camberwell Sunday Market is one of my favourite thrifting locations. Camberwell Market is Melbourne’s answer to London’s Portobello Rd. Every weekend a huge carpark behind the Burke Rd shopping strip is converted into a treasure hunter’s paradise. The space is filled with everyone from teenagers selling their old clothes […]

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Lefton jug and saucer

Vintage Makers and their Marks – Lefton

The Lefton Company The George Zolan Lefton Company started importing a wide range of ceramics from Japan into the US in the early 1940s. George was a new migrant from Hungary eager to make his mark on the American business world. He had previously worked in the clothing industry but had been a keen collector […]

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